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Custom Knives. 

(Currently closed to orders)

Custom productions based on your ideas.

A big part of what I do is custom builds as a blademith and custom knifemaker.  To get started, I will need to know the style, length, width and type of steel that you desire.  I make mono steel blades from several blade steels as well as damascus blades.  Prices are based on all of the above options.  Having a photo similar to what you want will help or you can look through the gallery for ideas.  I also make and sell damascus billets to use in your own knife productions.  I am however limited on the width and length of the billets.  Prices are by the square inch and depend on the type of damascus such as random low layer patterns to mosaics like feather damascus.  Use the CONTACT FORM below to discuss and to place an order

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