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My knife making journey started over 30 years ago but my interest in the art started long before that.  I have carried a knife as far back as I can remember.  I was surrounded with outdoors men and my father and grandfather were right in the center.  Growing up hunting and fishing, raising our own livestock and poultry always justified the need for a knife in my life.  It was and is a natural extension in our lives from field to dinner table. 


But I always wanted a better knife.  And from my early teens I began to research the topic of making knives.  My father was a welder and a blacksmith and he taught me a lot about fabrication and blacksmithing.  This was long before we internet.  I attended shows, read books and magazines and eventually talked to makers.  After two years of trying to make knives I ran into two makers that changed my knife making journey.  After that I have never looked back but I find myself on a continuous journey of learning and developing my craft.  I am a member and apprentice with the American Bladesmith Society and a member of the Louisiana Custom Knifemakers Association.  I primarily make using knives but all of them are functional whether its a stainless skinner or a multi layer forged mosaic pattern damascus knife.

Tony Severio
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